The value development in the Kangal Ecosystem will be driven by a combination of DeFi powered tokenomics and dApps that use the ecosystem's Utility Token $TEAK, as stated in the previous section.

The decentralized applications that use $TEAK would be both a sinkhole that consumes a percentage of the $TEAK used and a constant income source for the DAO, with the Kangal DAO deciding how the profits are used. These use-cases will include $TEAK buyback and burn schemes, Kangal ecosystem development investments, charitable initiatives, and more.

The dApps will be created by Kangal's core team of developers at first, and then by third-party developers who will be able to create their own dApps on top of the Kangal Ecosystem, with the ultimate goal of turning the ecosystem into an App Store of dApps. This dAppStore will be the world's first App Store controlled by a decentralized community. A community of people who are incentivized to make the Kangal Ecosystem thrive.

The Kangal DAO will have an ever-increasing income stream as a result of all these dApps being built out and utilized, which will be used to further develop and expand the ecosystem. This source of revenue can be used to boost the value of $TEAK, which is something that benefits all token holders. Since staking KANGAL is the only source of $TEAK emission, the combination of DeFi-powered tokenomics and dApps that use $TEAK will also help increase KANGAL's value over time.

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