Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) are edge organizations due to their constantly evolving organizational and community needs. DAOs are novel scalable, self-organizing collaborations on the blockchain, governed by smart contracts, and their vital operations are automated agreeing to rules and principles assigned in code without human intervention.

Kangal Core Team's one of main responsibilities is bootstrapping the DAO. This is an ongoing process that will get moving faster as there are more stakeholders active in the process. Below is the current situation:

Kangal DAO stakeholders are able to discuss ideas on any aspect of the project and initiate new proposals on the community forum. Voting for proposals take place on projects snapshot spaces, available for both ETH and BSC side.

The project aims not only to give Kangal DAO stakeholders the ability to create proposals and vote on them but also to give control of the main parameters of the ecosystem itself by making them configurable.

Some initial examples of this ecosystem configurability are the stakeholders selecting the logo and name of the Utility Token $TEAK, and the APR-M rate for staking KANGAL and KANGAL-LPs.

Kangal DAO is currently in its bootstrapping stage. As expected, this stage was more concentrated on getting all aspects of the project running and available for stakeholders and eventually achieve on-chain governance mechanisms. All plans have been and will continue to be co-designed with stakeholders through future initiatives such as surveys and discussions on the community forum.

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