We purposefully left several questions unanswered in our effort to articulate a straightforward and succinct vision for the Kangal protocol. This will be briefly mentioned here, with an effort to resolve them in future work:

One big area for Kangals future development will be its utility token proposal and deployment. While Kangal as the governance token is essential to make decisions within the DAO, the $TEAK token will be the native asset to fuel the dApp ecosystem. After which the first dApp of the ecosystem, an exclusive NFT drops dApp that will expand with minting and marketplace capabilities.


Another major area of development will be Staking. As discussed in the Staking this will entail both: KANGAL and Liquidity Staking.

pageDeFi & Staking

One more goal of any DAO is full decentralization. While we believe in that goal, it's a very hard problem to bootstrap a solution for. Eventually, we will be working on full on-chain governance mechanisms. On-chain governance will enable community votes to directly and seamlessly be executed on-chain.


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