Kangal Whitepaper
As second-order capital rushes to Bitcoin, potential investors are attracted to alternative currencies that could serve specific purposes; however, one such crypto asset, Dogecoin, is more of an inflationary leisured pursuit of community-building around a particular subject than an alternative deflationary instrument.
Initially conceived as a joke, Dogecoin became an Internet meme based on the popular Shiba Inu dog character from the "doge" Internet meme. The craze behind doge memes has allowed for a gaggle of users to take this previously abandoned asset and build a community around it.
While Dogecoin didn't die over the years, the meme story began to circulate and became the source of inspiration of many crypto communities. In the year 2021, a group of Kangal enthusiasts came up with the idea of the ecosystem of decentralized applications built around a community and decided to name it after the Kangal breed. This unnamed group of developers and designers launched the Kangal Genesis on February 16th, 2021.
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